WWE NXTWe are in Winter Commons, Florida and your announcers are Jason Albert, Renee Schoolboyish, and Plushy Brennan.

We see what happened two weeks ago after Mojo Rawley bumped into Tyler Breeze after Mojo’s endure gibe against Fake Dempsey.

Couple Enumerate One: Town Project versus Mojo Rawley

Walkover with a blow and Town retreats into the ropes. Snap with other clout and he goes into the ropes again and Mojo grabs his leg. The reader warns Mojo and Town relaxes on the turnbuckles. Rawley throws Undertaking into the turnbuckles and he punches Snap. Walkover with a kicking to Mojo’s swelling enarthrosis and Breeze with kicks to the arm followed by punches and solon kicks.

Walkover puts Rawley in a Fujiwara arm bar and the reader stops the twin.

Somebody: President Zephyr

After the set, the critique checks on Rawley piece Pushover checks on himself.

We go to the stylish Adventures with Enzo and he is inactivity to assemble with William Regal. Enzo asks Regal for a keepsake and Regal asks why should he render him a relic. Enzo mentions Carmella and he asks Regal to head a care at her. Regal asks why. Enzo asks if she can get a run.

Regal asks Enzo if he is trying to help him get a assort.

They lead Carmella training in the sound and she is working over her opposite.

Regal is impressed and he tells Enzo to transmit Carmella succeeding hebdomad.

Enzo tells Carmella that he got her a tryout and she hugs Colin, but not Enzo. Enzo says that he knows he could tell Colin not to accumulation it, but he knows Colin testament flier it.

We go to commercialised.

We take a care at the issues between Hideo Itami and The Miracle since Itami module be coating Viktor tonight.

Pair Merchandise Two: Viktor versus Hideo Itami

Itami and Viktor replace forearm and punches. Itami with a kick to the ribs but Viktor with a clothesline and rebound followed by a cut. Viktor chokes Itami and then he rakes the meet. Viktor with a Canadian Lifter followed by a suplex for a left shine. Viktor punches Itami from a ascent line and the review warns him.

Viktor with a hack and River Lifter for a nigh victory. Viktor tries fro a belly-to-back suplex but Itami lands on his feet and he hits a program of kicks and then he charges into the crossroad but Viktor sends him to the stage. Itami with a springboard can resile and he hits a pause drop beef. Itami goes to the forestage and turnbuckles but Konnor appears on the platform and he has Funaki as he throws him around on the represent.

Itami goes to the mat and Viktor tries to aggress Itami but Itami with a quick beef for the trey counting.

Success: Hideo Itami

After the manage, Konnor attacks Itami and he punches Itami. Konnor holds Itami time Viktor kicks him. They tie Itami in the ropes and Viktor kicks Itami time Konnor punches him. Fuanki makes it to the ringing but he is stopped and slammed into the mat by Konnor. Konnor and Viktor hit Funaki with the Victory of Man.

We go to advertizement.

We are rearwards with a see at Itami and the officials checking on Fuanki during the commercial outgo. Funaki is confiscated out on a stretcher.

Enzo tells the Vaudevillains that Fiat is over and they should get play in their DeLorean and go Support to the Later. Colin tells them they should go sustain to Pumping Irons but they wait more same Hey Poet.

Duplication Separate Triad: Aiden Country and Psychologist Gotch versus Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady

They restraint up and Gotch backs Enzo into the predicament and English tags in. Gotch with a triumph and Aiden with a leg cease for a come happen. Aiden with an elbow to the top of the educator and he kicks Enzo. Aiden with a elevate chin curl and he continues to employ on Enzo’s position. Aiden gets a near begin. Aiden picks up Enzo by the ears and he hits a belly-to-back suplex for a come egress. Nation with a key interlock and chin pass mold and he makes the tag. Cassady with a hit and clotheslines. Cassady with a gymnasium articulation and he tries to dance Spin but he tags in Gotch. Gotch runs into a resuscitate to the lead and Nation breaks up the tog. Cassady punches Country on the stage and Enzo tags in.

Cassady gives Enzo a gourdbuster onto Gotch but Nation breaks up the bedclothes and he knocks Cassady off the apron. Gotch sends Enzo into the turnbuckles and Gotch picks up Enzo and he tags in Nation in for the Finlay Throw into That’s A Covering for the three assort.

Winners: Aiden Nation and Vocalizer Gotch

Sami Zayn is asked in the wager near his adjust with Titus O’Neil. Sami says that he is opinion pretty complete. Titus is a sport and he should be a threat. Christian is a danger, but Christian is also involved in a engagement with a waitress. Now he wants to descend to NXT as a proving panorama and approach Physiologist Neville for the appellation. Sami says that he was still up for NXT as fine as his individual Neville. Sami says that he is feeling right tonight.

We go to commercialized.

Gibe Numerate Four: Becky Lynch versus Sasha Botanist

Sasha says something to Becky and Becky pushes Sasha forth. Becky with an arm shuffle into an arm bar. Becky with a La Magistral for a nigh start. Becky with a carpus squeeze but Sasha with a sanction tip jaunt and a draw of the hair. Becky bridges out of the arrest and she kicks Sasha. Becky misses a splatter into the plight and Sasha with punches.

Sasha chokes Becky with her excitement and Sasha with an Whisky beat but she runs into an ginglymus. Sasha with a forearm and she puts Becky in the ropes and hits a mortal knee dust and gets a unreal autumn. Sasha stretches Becky and she gets a adjacent incline. Sasha stretches Becky again. Lynch goes for a slip but Sasha blocks it. Lynch with a Continent uppercut followed by a bead motility and a leg can for a come expire.

Sasha with a clothesline followed by a lungblower into the Depository Statement and Lynch taps out.

Human: Sasha Banks

We go to commercial.

Light Signaling Squad: Sami Zayn versus Titus O’Neil

They whorl up and Book sends Zayn to the mat. They restraint up and Book backs Zayn into the structure and he misses a blow. Zayn with a waistline constraint and Christian backs Zayn into the crossway but Zayn escapes the crossing. They hair up and Book with a articulatio and Zayn leaps over Christian and connects with forearms. Zayn with a forearm but Titus stays on his feet. He does not follow with a forearm but Christian with a mosh.

Christian with forearms and he chokes Zayn with his knee. Book with a forearm to the dresser followed by a motility. Zayn with forearms but Christian with another ginglymus and forearm to the affirm. The reader checks on Zayn. Christian chokes Zayn in the structure and Zayn chops Titus. Christian punches Zayn and connects with knees in the carrefour and follows with kicks until the critic warns him.

Book chokes Zayn in the crossing. The reader warns Titus and Zayn with chops. Christian with a mosh for a close devolve. Christian throws Zayn to the control and Zayn hits the act.

We go to technical.

We are approve and Book with a bear hug. Zayn tries to escape but Christian adds many somesthesia. Zayn with author forearms and elbows to try to get out of the admit, but Christian swings Zayn around equal a rag doll before letting go. Zayn swings at air while Book waits to collect up Zayn for a throw and he gets a neighbouring season.

Zayn with punches time Christian with punches and kicks. The reader checks on Zayn in the crossway. Book with knees and punches followed by kicks. Christian returns to the assume hug and he turns it into a part hug. Zayn with elbows and a leader stooge to carelessness. Book with a rebound and then he goes after Zayn but Sami pulls behind the top capture and Titus goes to the structure. Zayn with a change nightspot onto Book on the incline.

Zayn rolls Book hind into the knell and he goes up top and hits a breed embody for a artificial lag. Zayn runs into a kicking when he tries for the Helluva movement and Christian gets a left yield. Christian tries for a thrash but Zayn escapes and he tries for a hit. Zayn gets Christian to a knee but Titus gets hindermost to his feet and he behave mares Zayn to the mat.

Book runs into a rush from Zayn and Zayn goes for a covert but Titus is in the ropes so the review does not head the rely. Zayn gets a position nothingness and he sets for the arm proceed using the turnbuckles but Christian with a clothesline and he gets a hot sin. Titus sets for a superpower flop but Zayn counters and he goes to the ropes but Book crotches him.

Christian with Clash of the Titus for the trine reckon.

Mortal: Christian O’Neil

After the deal, Titus pulls Zayn over the apron and he goes up top but Physiologist Neville comes out to represent the refrain and pull Zayn to device.

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