If you want to know that which one are the next Olympic Host Cities for these 2018, 2020 and 2022, 2024 Games then here you are! As we know that these 2016 Rio Olympics are presently taking place. But when it comes to the future Games, you need to have a clear information about them. It is reported that the Host cities for the next of the three Olympics have been selected and chosen. For the information, Nine in number of cities, they have already made a hosting of this Olympics for two times. You should keep in mind that none of the city has ever and ever hosted both these Winter and also Summer Olympics. But the United States had hosted both these Winter and Summer Olympics and that too for four times each. Check out the details of these few Olympic Games and also information about their host cities.Olympic Games informal sports2018 Winter Olympics- Host city:

You should know that PyeongChang, South Korea has made a winning of this bid for the year of 2018 Olympics. This is all took place on July 6, 2011. They beat out Munich and also Annecy, France. Its opening ceremony will take place on Feb. 9 and then the closing ceremony will be taking place on Feb. 25. We have seen that now South Korea has become one of those 15 countries that have managed to host the Olympics for more more than single time.

2020 Summer Olympics- host city:

For this 2020, the Tokyo has made a winning of this bid for the year of 2020 Olympics. This winning took place on Sept. 7, 2013. They actually beat out Istanbul and tooo Madrid. Its opening ceremony is all scheduled for July 24 and later on its closing ceremony is all set to be scheduled for August 9. So far, Tokyo has successfully become the eighth in number of city that has hostes these Olympics more than single time..

2022 Winter Olympics- host city:

Then for this year 2022, the Beijing has get this bid for the year of 2022 Olympics. It was finalized on July 31, 2015. The best out Almaty, Kazakhstan. We got to hear that Oslo had withdrew and took back its bid months in the early times of this bidding process. Its opening ceremony is all set for February. 4 and then its closing ceremony is all set and scheduled for February. 20.

2024 Summer Olympics- Host city:

For this 2020 Olympics host city, it is reported that a finalized location is yet to be decided. It is still not determined and finalized that which city will be hosting this 2024 Summer Games.  It was in the time of September of 2015 when five of the finalists, they were  marked and named as one of the contenders to make a hosting of these olympics games. Its winner will sooner be announced on the date of Sept. 13, 2017. It is speculated that Paris might be chosen because it is one of the favorite on of ours! It is heard that Paris might win this bid. We have too this contender of Bovada.lv and Los Angeles as well as Rome,  Budapest. On the other hand, Hamburg and Germany, they withdrew and took back their theirs bids in the month of November.

Now you know that which one are the next Olympic Host Cities for 2018, 2020 and 2022, 2024 Games!

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