Throughout Martin Brodeur’s illustrious career, he has won 3 Stanley Cups, an Olympic Gold Medal and just happens to be the NHL record holder for the most wins and shutouts, two records that will most likely never be broken. His numbers are incredible, as this article attests.Martin BrodeurThere is no question that he has left his mark on the game, both figuratively and literally, as you have his superior puck handling skills to thank for the annoying trapezoid behind the net.

Now that his career is over, what’s next for Martin Brodeur?

For the remainder of the season, he has agreed to stay on with the St. Louis Blues to act as a liaison between the players and the coach. Basically, he is there to provide leadership and try to help the Blues win the Cup.

Next season, he will most likely end up back in New Jersey, where he spent 21 years and became the face of the franchise. What his role will be is still to be decided but it is interesting to point out that the Devils are currently in need of a permanent coach. It wouldn’t be the first time that an all-star player ended up behind the bench, ahem, Wayne Gretzky.

Among the fan base, they are hoping that the Devils organization will be grooming Marty Brodeur to be the next General Manager. This is most likely a long shot but it is an intriguing situation that should be explored. No doubt, he has the hockey sense, passion and dedication to be a solid candidate. It is possible that current GM, Lou Lamoriello begins mentoring Brodeur over the next year or two so he is ready to take over the reins when the legendary Lamoriello decides to retire himself.

There is no shortage of options for the iconic goaltender. Brodeur has always been great in front of the camera and brings a playful and laid back attitude into any interview, so it is possible that he goes the sports broadcaster route. Similarly, he could easily become a NHL ambassador. I am sure he would be able to attract a large speaker fee and have all the sports speakers’ bureaus clamoring to take him on as a client.Martin Brodeur’s trophy Regardless of what Martin Brodeur decides to do over the next few years, one thing is certain. He will continue to bring his passion, class, dedication and respect for the game into everything that he does. He will no doubt continue to have tremendous success, whether he is a coach, a GM, public speaker or color commentator.

For now, we will have to wait and see what the future holds but best of luck to Martin Brodeur and his family as he approaches this next chapter in his life. The hockey world has lost an amazing player but you can bet he will always be around the game.

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