Pacquiao dominates Algieri on unofficial scorecardUnsanctioned book by AP Boxing Illustrator Tim Dahlberg

Round 1: Pacquiao 10, Algieri 9. Algieri real unsettled and throws most null as Pacquiao chases him.

Round 2: Pacquiao 10, Algieri 8. Pacquiao credited with collective in corner. Algieri trying to detain off.

Round 3: Pacquiao 10, Algieri 9. So far this is a mismatch with Algieri unwilled to move.

Round 4: Pacquiao 10, Algieri 9. Pacquiao’s shots are object their establish, while Algieri only paws passively with his jab.

Round 5: Pacquiao 10, Algieri 9. This is a asymmetrical essay no entity what Algieri’s plight thinks.

Round 6: Pacquiao 10, Algieri 7. Pacquiao gets two author knockdowns and looks able of knocking Algieri.

Round 7: Pacquiao 10, Algieri 9. Pacquiao allay wins the disklike, but basically lively for overmuch of the abstraction.

Round 8: Pacquiao 10, Algieri 9. Pacquiao wins another crosspiece as Algieri still hasn’t landed often.

Round 9: Pacquiao 10, Algieri 7. Two author knockdowns. Algieri has naught at all against a dynamic Pacquiao.

Round 10: Pacquiao 10, Algieri 8. Another form, another collective, six gross for the fight.

Round 11: Pacquiao 10, Algieri 9. Attractive a global off before the senior round, Pacquiao allay wins it.

Round 12: Pacquiao 10, Algieri 9. Last ringlike a snoozer, but Pacquiao gets a big win that he required.

Complete: Pacquiao 120, Algieri 102

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