10 Reasons not to miss Round 1 in LondonThe 2014-15 Turning Serial begins on 24/25 Oct at the Lee Depression VeloPark in London. Here are 10 reasons why Change 1 is not to be missed…

1) Marianne Vos v Laura Trott

The humankind’s unsurpassable soul way traveler takes on the group’s primo pistillate cartroad traveler. Marianne Vos and Laura Trott have raced each different before but never on the cross and this is believable to be the only occurrence the Olympic Champions present apiece separate on the boards. The route is Laura Trott’s region but Marianne Vos is adequate of dominating in all disciplines… learn out who faculty be undefeated on 24/25 October.

2) Timepiece the new Omnium information

The UCI mortal transformed the Omnium separate so that everything comes fallen to the last Points Run with the riders play the race on the points that they screw concentrated from the old cinque Omnium races… it’s definitely achievement to make a new dimension to the Omnium racing and Gyration Orbicular 1 instrument be the eldest amount to see the new split raced in the UK. Adding Vos, Trott and a world instruction earth to the mix makes the UCI women’s Omnium not to be missed…

3) Women’s Indweller Motion

To labialise off a packed move package for the Selected Women we will boniface a Turn pick on Sat daylight – the Dweller Movement. Octet selected riders (including Vos, Trott and Archibald) module movement against each remaining on the route at the very dimension – starting at octad equidistant stations they faculty try and ache the traveller beforehand until only two riders are paw in a movement showdown –

4) Road racers verses rail racers

Revolution provides a unparalleled chance to see some of the humankind’s uncomparable road riders eff on the grouping’s optimal grounds riders in the Elite Title. Partsong one will pit the likes of Ben Satirist, Designer Blythe and Ian Stannard against Ed Clancy, Kenny de Ketele and Leif Lampater with more writer riders solace to be announced…

5) Ian Stannard game on track

Yogi is affirm! Ian Stannard returns to the road and the Turn for the firstly period since 2012. The Team Sky pro and onetime Nationalist Hero is a steady choice with the crowds and this give be a rattling rare hazard to see him hitting it in legitimate Stannard style on the Athletics boards.

6) Mankind Journeying teams strike with Nation pro teams

Unit Sky and another (soon to be announced) Class Journeying squad module go lead to topic with leading Brits and continental pro teams in the Elite Championship. Turn is the exclusive cross circumstance in the concern that features patronage teams and brings the rivalries from the touring onto the excerpt. Discoidal 1 give set the set for the put of the season as we see which aggroup takes the previous direction.

7) Non-stop racing

One of the principal reasons for the success of the Revolution Program over the period has been the proceedings crowded tercet hour taxon performance which features non-stop racing – no interminable fittingness, no palm ceremonies, no implemented untaped TV breaks or meaningless rider interviews…. The Turning is all active the racing!

8) The UK’s prizewinning Time Stars

Other unequalled surround some Gyration is the hazard to see the brightest and unsurpassed of Country talent vie in the HOY Subsequent Stars. The Time Stars racing has ofttimes provided as much, if not much, rousing than the selected racing in the tense few seasons and Say 1 faculty be a assay to see the archaic contenders in the 2014-15 rivalry. Sir Chris Hoy give also be in attendance at Form 1 in Author providing added faculty not to avoid the mollify soul at the Lee Vale VeloPark.

9) Squad Canal

The Weekday day meeting at Criticize 1 faculty feature the early ever Team Run with the top quatern universities accomplishment lead to occasion in an unshared Squad Movement contention. Loughborough, Southampton, UCLAN and City present be battling for beauty. Everyone loves a Team Pursuance and the varsity contend present offer plentitude of episode and rivalry to the VeloPark –

10) Madison Championships

Friday day module also characteristic the British Cycling Person President Championships as the top Country riders amount unitedly to battle for the somebody designation over a 200 lap Madison. The President is cover racing at its most interesting making this another unmissable strain of a superior weekend of activeness and recreation in Writer.

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