Sturridge Says Reds are StrongerLiverpool fans were anxiously watching the recent fixture between the Reds and Southampton at Anfield. In the end, it took a 79th minute goal by Daniel Sturridge to rescue the home team from a fiercely determined Southampton. A final score of 2-1 was a fitting result for a team that finished second in the 2013/2014 Premier League. Despite this rather unflattering start to Liverpool’s 2014/2015 Premier League campaign, key players like Sturridge believe that the absence of Luis Suarez will actually strengthen the team.

According to team manager Brendan Rodgers, Luis Suarez sent a message to the team ahead of their fixture at Anfield, wishing them good fortune against Southampton. Liverpool has spent an enormous sum of money to sign additional players. The summer signings include 3 players from Southampton for a total of £49 million, a winger from Benfica for £20 million, a midfielder from Bayer Leverkusen for £10 million and a defender from Sevilla for £12 million. Football fans trying to figure out these online slots on the Internet were pleasantly surprised with Liverpool’s picks for the upcoming season!

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