Sports Betting Tips With Legend Jon PriceAnyone saying that winning at sports betting is pure luck, just doesn’t know what they’re talking about. The oddsmakers in Vegas put out impressively accurate lines everyday in every sport, that more times than not are quite close to the outcome. If they have the resources to predict these games within a few points, why can’t you? It’s a lot easier than you may think, especially when you have the right people on your team, like lead handicapper for Sports Information Traders, Jon Price. Mr. Price recently shared what he thinks are some of the most important tips for being as skilled as the oddsmakers in Vegas, and how to win at sports gambling. knows just like cbs sports knows that those who study and work hard beat the crowd and betting public.

Jon Price stresses the importance of knowing the math and how they relate to the sport you’re betting on. As a former mathematician from NYU, Jon attributes much of his success to finding the correlation between the trends. He uses his own private formula which varies from sport to sport, but which takes into account the various stats and trends, and finds those with the greatest correlation to a game’s outcome. While the human element will never make any formula perfect, based on his documented results, Jon’s formula is closer to perfect more times than it’s not.

Beyond the numbers, Jon provides free sports betting tips on his site and also urges his clients not to spread themselves too thin. If you’re particularly knowledgeable at one sport, then stick to that sport. Too many clients and even sports handicapping services tend to try to be the best at everything, but successful bettors know they’re niche, and they can lock into one or two sports to make the majority of their money with.

The most important tip that Jon shares with his loyal customers is that discipline is critical to success. Whether it be betting within your bankroll and resisting the urge to go big on a seemingly sure-thing, or if it’s only betting one to two plays a day. The undisciplined gambler is impulsive and bets by emotion rather than being strategical in their wagers.

As a handicapper with a documented 64% winning percentage over the last 6 years, Jon Price knows a thing or two about picking winners. Follow his keys to success and you may soon be apart of the 5% of successful sports gamblers around the world, like Jon Price and his clients at Sports Information Traders.

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