The Matildas’ pay argufy with Football Federation Australia has highlighted the gap between what our mortal footballers garner when performing for the general team compared to mortal footballers.How much are Australia's male and female sports teamsInternationally, the Matildas reportedly get inferior than their US and UK counterparts. But how do they equivalence with different individual teams in Land?

Prototypic, an key warning. Comparisons between the amounts that sportspeople garner is untrusty, as each sport team’s agreements can include equate fees, show bonuses, allowances, aftermath, and retainers.

This is before income from endorsements is stolen into accounting, which can net top players significantly much than they achieve from separate income sources.

In an effort to get a vaguely parallel personage between the men’s and women’s someone teams, Protective Dweller has compiled the assets a participant receives when playing against an outside group for one day, either as a agree fee, regular allowance or per diem.

Here’s how it stacks up:

Australia National Teams

The human rugger association men’s group has the maximal duplicate fee, at $20,000. The women’s squad, the Jillaroos, were honours paid a igniter fee of $500 in Nov 2014. An NRL spokesman said that in gain to the contend fee, which varies by occupation, all expenses are wrapped for both someone teams.

For the Wallabies, the men’s person rugby organization team, apiece participant earns a $10,000 twin fee. The women’s team, the Wallaroos, don’t get mercenary a correspond fee but may be salaried an discrepancy of an one quantity during the domain cup, and earn a salary of between $35,000 to $70,000.

The men’s cricket unit gets prepaid a significantly higher fee than the women’s unit, but the women’s aggroup, the Austral Stars, are also profitable a consideration for existence in the individual team on top of their regular journey fee. The amount varies by contestant, with a minimum of $25,000.

The Diamonds, the someone netball unit, are compensable $400 per day they’re required, regardless of whether it is a correct day or grooming.

Sport and hockey (not shown) are the exclusive two that person the self quantity for both teams. Both the men’s and women’s national sport teams are paying the comparable regular fee of $250. A spokesman for Hockey Land said both teams were stipendiary the aforesaid turn, but declined to choose an rigorous figure.

While we often see how some the top earners in game head, we rarely see figures for the calculate participant. From the 2011 census, we can see the income arrangement of grouping who recorded their vocation as many identify of sportsperson:

Sports People 2011

Statesman men fuck higher weekly incomes than women. Time the highest ascertain for both genders is in the $300-$399 edit, there are a portentous determine of priapic sportsmen earning over $2,000.

sportsmen earning

An test of hours worked shows that writer men are fit to activity full-time hours as sportspeople, too. That said, the 1-15 hour punctuation is the maximal for both, indicating most sports people are part-time.


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