Sierra Leone playersTHE exiled Sierra Leone sport group is struggling with the brand over the Vhf irruption that has devastated westernmost Africa.

In Aug, the squad was banned from playacting matches in its own land by Mortal sport officials, forcing the Leone Stars to wittiness every game departed from location as they effort to answer for the prestigious 2015 Mortal Cup of Nations.

But that’s upright the origin of it.

The players love been taunted with “Ebola” chants from fans, and opponents individual refused to elicit their guardianship or do the conventional swapping of jerseys post-game.

Trembling safekeeping is affection,” midfielder Khalifa Jabbie told the New Royalty Times.

Position Evangelist Trye said of the “Ebola” chants: “You sense ashamed, same substance, and you necessity to hit someone.

No one wants to human Vhf in their region. Sierra Leone is struggling. And they shove it in our braving. That’s not funfair.

The unit has been subjected to the “Ebola” chants throughout full matches in the Republican Republic of River and Volcano, and also at training.

The Seychelles also forfeited a fit against Sierra Leone in July with very short note.

According to the Times, the players must go through temperature screenings for Ebola at breakfast and party, change though service score been in the state since July.

We’re activated suchlike we’re locomotion around with the disease,” Sierra Leone headlong Kei Kamara said.

So displeased of the intemperate screening activity, Trye said he took a four-hour bus journeying from Metropolis, Volcano, to the metropolis Yaounde instead of a 30-minute connecting embellish right to avoid another analyze.

Midfielder Michael Lahoud said he had resorted to denying he was from Sierra Leone. Whenever a unknown asked who he was, he would bowman them he was an Land hoops player and someone of NBA actor Kobe Bryant.

We mat it was for our extortion,” said Lahoud, who plays his gild football for City in Student Association Football.

They think all of us somebody Ebola,” extra guardian Abdul Bangura.

The Ebola virus has already killed much than 4,000 grouping, most in Poultry, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Underfunded health systems in region Africa individual been halting by the disease, which has spiralled out of skillfulness and putrid 7,400 people since the outset of the assemblage.

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