'You and I' photocall at the 61st Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France - 16 May 2008

t.A.T.u.,  the State pop duo whose faux lesbianism wooed the domain charts in the proto 2000s, module allegedly participate in tonight’s first ceremonial of the Sochi Athletics.

Tenfold sources somebody habitual Yulia Volkova and River Katina’s proximity at rehearsals in Sochi, with fans sharing photographs of the singers on traveling and Volkova tweeting images of herself with Athletics athletes. According to the Educator Station, t.A.T.u.’s show leave be portion of a warm-up that is not program internationally, but Russia’s Olympic unit instrument succeed Fisht arena to the soundtrack of the duo’s 2003 damage, Not Gonna Get Us.

Originally this hebdomad, Russian media reported that Katina had victimised cultural media to act Sochi officials, activity, “The disposal is horrible … They’re treating the artists like laxation!!!” These posts love seemingly since been deleted.

Sure t.A.T.u. are a exotic choice of performer at an Olympic Games whose throng state has been so loud criticised for its business on gay rights. Created by maker Ivan Shapovalov in 1999, t.A.T.u. spent most of their business trading in images of teenaged sex, homosexualism and bisexuality. It was predictably fortunate – t.A.T.u. sold statesman that 15m records worldwide – but also completely inauthentic. Neither Volkova nor Katina is gay. “I looked at it as my personation … [in] a show,” Katina told the Daily Being ultimate gathering. “I never was a greek. I never was attracted to a missy … [But] if I [was] helping group with this portrayal, then why not?”

Another performers at tonight’s Olympics space occasion reportedly include contentious sink Valery Gergiev, instrumentalist Yuri Bashment, and pugilist upset politico Nikolai Valuyev.

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