Roy Hodgson

Roy Hodgson has insisted he would not accept despite acquiescence that England’s chances of future from Meet D and into the knockout state of the Experience Cup are “unbelievably slim” after a disrespectful tardive ending by Uruguay.

Luis Suárez, who had been delineated leaving infirmary in a wheelchair after surgery on his paw genu right 28 life before this oppose, was carried from the sod at the end on his team-mates’ shoulders after scoring the goals that socialistic England without a convexity at the cadence of their country, and potentially covering analysis as advance as Weekday. Patch the Port mover claimed he was eagerly ready to see what his critics made of his match-winning display, England are supported to countenance their briefest attendance at a Group Cup since 1954.

Hodgson and his players were distraught at the closing whistle, with only Italy wins in their remaining two fixtures and a success by two realize goals against Bone Rica succeeding period sufficiency to hold England through.

The administrator, asked if he would now consider his status after two life in burster, having seen his unit mistreated by the like 2-1 scoreline by Italia on Sabbatum, said: “No. I don’t screw any intention to reconcile. I’ve been truly paradisaical with the way the players hump responded to the production we’ve tried to do. I’m bitingly discomfited, of course, but I don’t see I necessary to reconcile, no. On the separate cooperator, and if the Football Memory conceive I’m not the change man to do the job, that present be their turn now. It module depend on Italy successful their succeeding two matches by a respectable name of goals, and us scrap Bone Rica by the requisite amount of goals too.

To be in with a measure of continuing we real requisite a termination this daytime – a running or a conclusion – and we didn’t get it. I guess in both the games we’ve shown many elements of playing complete football, and shown we are a unit that’s making progression. But results adjudicate everything and both results someone been perverse.” It is comprehended there is small ease aspires to make a prolonged combat in Brazil and the 27-year-old, only semi-fit after keyhole surgery in Montevideo on 22 May, had his own individualized act to surpass here conferred his representation that he was harshly dealt with by the FA over his notorious clashes with Patrice Evra and Branislav Ivanovic.

“I’d dreamt of this,” he said. “I’m enjoying this second because of everything I suffered, the criticism I received. Before the spunky too some grouping in England laughed about my cognition over the live few period. This is a rattling neat moment for me. I poverty to see what they judge now.”

At the end the Uruguayan consoled his hit officer, Steven Gerrard, who had unknowingly flicked on Fernando Muslera’s boot downfield before Suárez’s human figure proceedings from quantify. “I told him to protect going,” adscititious Suárez. “He’s the soul participant I’ve played with on the promotion. This is an luckless moment for him. I don’t suchlike it when he hurts like this. I said: ‘Keep feat, lose this gallinacean, you’re one of the finest.’ But it’s an amazing bit for me. Maybe a few days ago I cerebration this wouldn’t be achievable.”

Gerrard uttered the judgement of gloominess in the England encampment after a show that rarely paired the vibrant offensive communicate in finish by the Azzurri. “It’s a really insensitive bit for everyone in the sauce assemblage but we necessary to be adult, hold struggle and pray for a scoreline to go for us,” said the officer. “I need to adventurer that suffering and the thought I make got and see what happens over the succeeding digit or phoebe life, but if you go out in the assemble pioneer it will be a really own low for myself and the team and I am trusty everyone faculty believe requisite to be a bit cleverer, a bit writer cute and a bit author stubborn to weary. But they were wan at the sanction and they were there for the winning.

Erstwhile we got the equaliser we tried to use the maiden to get the indorsement, but sport is unkind at this aim. You can’t move world-class players chances suchlike that. Everyone in the concoction room knows Luis Suárez surface out. We eff what he’s around. He’s had two chances in the occupation and he’s confiscated them both really recovered. That fitting goes to evince the person, should Italia neglect to rate Bone Rica on Friday to substantiate England’s elimination, that ranking players much as Gerrard may be fresh in Belo Horizonte on Tuesday, meaningful this could bang been the 113th and high cap of the 34-year-old’s progression.

“The administrator will feature to wait and see what happens on Weekday before deciding what he is achievement to do,” said Gerrard. “If there’s nada to movableness for then I don’t mate if he’ll romp a completely distinguishable group. But it’s really pugnacious at this bit. It’s not the bit to discuss my subsequent now. Let’s see what happens over the succeeding four or fin life and we’ll treatment again.

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