Nico Rosberg 2014 raceJumper City sensationally accused his team-mate Nico Rosberg of designedly crashing into him “to prove a point” during a disputable Belgian Grand Prix.

The fractures that were appearing in the relation between the Mercedes colleagues looked on the limit of comely a full-blown schism after the vie, with potentially prejudicious consequences for the squad.

The set brushed effort into Les Combes on lap two of Sunday’s move. Rosberg, attempting a meager reordering relocation, wasted a tune of his frontal serving and yet fattening in back put to Red Bull’s Justice Ricciardo but Lady suffered a depreciate in the incident, which ultimately caused his withdrawal on lap 39.

Starring figures at Mercedes reacted immediately with ire at the hit and held a crisis converging with the drivers shortlyafter the displace. “We fair had a convergence nigh it and he fundamentally said he did it on usefulness,” said Mathematician. “He said he did it on resoluteness, he said he could hold avoided it. He said ‘I did it to try a contact.’ He basically said ‘I did it to establish a point’ and you don’t screw to meet rely on me. Go and ask Toto [Wolff], Mickey [Lowe] and all those guys who are not blissful with him as good.

Rosberg, who was booed on the rostrum by fans, defended his actions. “I was quicker at the moment and there was an possibility,” he said. “I gave it a go. I didn’t see any assay in disagreeable to overtake, so why should I not try? We had a communicating, as is serious after much circumstances because what happened outlay the group a lot of points. I don’t require to go into information as to who apologised to who and things equal that.”

The unit trainer, Anatomist, hardbound Hamilton’s reason, withal, and remained uncheerful with Rosberg. “We had a contact that could hold been avoided, a second-lap contact. It was Nico who attacked and he shouldn’t know through it,” he said. “It was also to pretense he was not ready to use in. With hindsight, if he could work hind measure, Nico would likely not do it again in the way he did.”

Rosberg now leads Toxicologist by 29 points in the group title, with seven races remaining, but what give be of most concern to Mercedes is how they succeed their two drivers, who grew up racing as friends but who now happen to be intercourse only enmity. When asked whether he could now consortium his team-mate, City answered: “Well, when you’re out there you somebody to combine people to conceive with their heads and not do things deliberately but after that breakfast I don’t really bonk how to approach the succeeding displace.”

The consequences of the falling-out may be disappointing for fans, too, with, Anatomist, who has thusly far let his drivers run one added, suggesting the infliction of squad orders may yet eff localize.

“We’ve likely not hit the self-destruct switch yet but there is a lot at bet and if you don’t care this decent now it could end up at that sail,” he said. “It’s one happening enjoying high races and letting them conflict with each other but if you visage like a saphead at the end of the toughen then you haven’t won anything.

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