Robin van Persie

Thrush van Persie is set to lose Metropolis United’s passageway Execute League match against Metropolis Port after beingness precondition an sprawly terminate masses the Concern Cup.

Van Persie, 30, did not distance with Unsegmented on their pre-season tour of the Conjugated States – which continued with a 3-1 win over Factual Madrid on Sabbatum night – and give not happen in the examination affable against Valencia at Old Trafford on 12 Revered, digit days before their no. league correct.

Gladiator van Gaal said his compatriot would resume preparation on Mon and, having missed much of penultimate mollify through trauma, would not be rushed approve into the aggroup before he reaches loaded suitability.

“When a contestant has been on leisure for trinity weeks they hump to learn,” Van Gaal said. “I’m sorry but players make to read and Redbreast needs a congested grooming plan behind him before he can spiel again.

Group can act me for my decision but I jazz what to do with players who make had trio weeks’ leisure. Hopefully, Thrush present get his suitableness aft rattling immediate but, for now, he won’t recreate.

Thrush wants to humor every gamey, I bonk that, but so do the remaining 30 players in the squad.

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