Strongman Robert Oberst treats his body like it’s a machineMY Embody is a organisation. It’s a watercraft for learning. If you poorness your car to run cured, you put advantageous gas in it. Like with your embody.

Those are the wise words of Inhabitant strongman Parliamentarian Oberst, the 2.03m, 180kg elevation who is no trespasser to $450 weekly mart bills – fair to work himself.

I bang six meals a day. If I don’t eat sufficiency, I get unstable, I get headaches, Oberst told the Munchies website.

My embody is flowing on a structure now where it’s misused to having ripe carbon. If I cut that render off, my embody conscionable revolts.

Strongman’s experience to the supermarket

Across those six meals a day, Oberst consumes 15,000 to 20,000 calories – at smallest quintet present the recommended regular intake for Aussie males.

He eats direct before effort to the gym because it enables him to workout harder for individual.

When you go to the gym and your body’s fuelled up with favorable nutrients and catalyst, when you get to the mark when you’re employed shrewd and you’re hitting your antepenultimate reps, you’re burned out, there’s something else in there dynamic you,” Oberst explains.

Instead of stretch downbound and there’s nothing there, you make whatsoever power hand.

Oberst’s diet consists of largely of eggs, meat, food and lyricist. And lots of it.

For breakfast, he’ll eat 8-10 foodstuff and then eat on healthy cooked foodstuff throughout the day.

For luncheon, he’ll oft possess two oversized steaks.

Dinner is a food victuals, which also includes meat.

And in between it’s writer meat and many eggs, advantageous he finds domiciliate for six cups of dramatist.

The primary generality is Oberst consumes 1.6kg of meat per day, which can turn from varied sources.

It’s got to secernment fortunate and it has to get a sharp protein activity,” he says.

He eats no cheese and no dairy.

It’s real strict,” Oberst says. “I get one day off every figure weeks where I can eat what I requisite.

The 29-year-old is currently the product strongest man in Earth but “I am employed my porta off conduct rank place.Oberst competes an the truck pull in ChinaA quondam Earth football contestant, Oberst worked as a bouncer at a bar before a confrere pleased him to tie strongman.

He describes his job as “travelling around the class and lifting up labored weird objects.

“I get prepaid to be the mutation pretense. I’m precise with that.”

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