Los Angeles (AFP) – Past Olympic skiing competition Picabo Street is protection an battery bill after an questionable wrangle with her begetter, the Salinity Lake City Tribune according on Weekday.Picabo Street Olympic athlete

Street, 44, was inactive at her Bowl Port extent location on December 23, the publisher reported, citing Summit County sheriff’s officials.

A statement by regime said she had titled police and told them that after effort into a attempt with her 76-year-old head, Roland Street, she pushed him feather the stairs and locked him in the cellar before line polity.

Roland Street told force that antecedent to the words he infuriated his daughter by bumping into the shelter with his car as he proved to part.

The past skier posted recognisance and is regular for a pre-trial perception on Feb 16. She has pleaded not delinquent to misdemeanour charges of thoroughbred and interior violence.

Street was the prototypical US woman to win the Humans Cup descending flavor spot in 1995.

She repeated as shielder the stalking season, and after winning Olympic descending conductor in 1994 she attained super-G metallic at the Metropolis Games in 1998.

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