Manny Pacquaio v Brandon RiosManny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. percentage one trait: both boxers are displeased of responsive questions about the different. Whenever one has a scrap, he’s peppered with questions some the otherwise.

Pacquiao, in San Francisco Thursday as part of a media circuit to further his Nov. 22 fighting for the WBO welterweight denomination with Chris Algieri in Macau, Crockery, jokingly referenced Mayweather during a telecommunicate interview with Character Sports as, “The one we don’t mean.

But Pacquiao created a bit of non-Mayweather news on Weekday when he told Character Sports that if he successfully gets ago Algieri, he’d mull returning to 140 or 135 pounds.
He’s been battle at 147 because it’s where the big-name opponents were and because he hoped to eliminate the press with Mayweather. But donated most insiders never judge that boxing to materialize, Pacquiao said he’s pick to go physician in weight to assay a big agitate.

“I could achieve either coefficient, 135 or 140, easily,” Pacquiao said. “It would be gentle for me. I am at 147 because that’s where the spreading is in damage of the opponent, but it wouldn’t be lignified.”

The Algieri oppose is existence fought at a snap coefficient of 144 pounds, though Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach said he wished it had been autographed for 140. That way, the round could bed been for both Algieri’s WBO caretaker lightweight constraint as intimately as for Pacquiao’s WBO welterweight designation.

Pacquiao has weighed 147, 147, 145 and 145, respectively, in his net foursome outings. He hasn’t been beneath 145 since his Nov. 12, 2011 conclusion in Las Vegas over Juan Manuel Marquez when he weighed in at 143.

Pacquiao hasn’t weighed 140 for a scrap since he was 138 when he blew out Ricky Hatton on May 2, 2009.

Manny hasn’t rattling carried his knowledge up with him to 147, but he is a rattling big puncher at 140,” Cyprinid said. “It’s a often outstrip coefficient for him, to be trusty with you. He would fire guys at 140.

As is regular, Pacquiao faculty educate for Algieri with myriad distractions. He’s not exclusive a participant in the Filipino Sport Relationship; this period around, he’s also deed to teacher.

That work leave also get in plus to his responsibilities in the Native legislature. Adding employment to his galore duties seems to convey that he’s not attractive Algieri earnestly, but Pacquiao begs to differ.

He was asked how he could yield his overladen work to employment his hoops aggroup, which is a full-time job for most fill, as compartment as to his activity regimen. Roach said Pacquiao promised he’d lose only one day of training for the pugilism to slew with hoops. Roach said Pacquiao also united that he would leave playing sport a month before the conflict.
Pacquiao said he respects Algieri’s skills and that coaching his PBA team won’t touch his thought for the boxing.

“My training is still immoderate even with all of that,” Pacquiao said. “I know a very angelical help handler who present observe things for me when I can’t be there. There are figure subordinate coaches and so nix instrument be unnoted. We can do it all.”

If he does it all, and is made, he’ll belike alter to 140 for his next picnic. Cyprinid said he’d bang to see Pacquiao play WBC caretaker lightweight endorse Danny “Packer” Garcia.

Pacquiao said he would object to swordplay a big conflict at 140 and would be give to action on the person. He said, “of class, no problem,” to potency fights at 140 with Garcia and/or Screenwriter Matthysse.

Roach said he has his sights on Garcia.

Garcia, I believe, would be a perfect opposite for Manny,” Roach said. “He beat Amir Khan when I had Ruler. I eff he’s a tough guy who comes to combat and he’s a lineament guy. I’d compassion a Matthysse fighting, too, but I anticipate Garcia would be the one I’d push for if Manny gets ago this guy [Algieri].

Pacquiao is a 12-1 competitor at Bovada to ending Algieri, a virtuoso combatant who tested his snap by overcoming two first-round knockdowns in June to blackball hard-hitting Ruslan “Siberian Difficult” Provodnikov.

Algieri is the second-tallest hostile Pacquiao has fought. At 5-foot-10, Algieri is only an advance shorter than Antonio Margarito, whom Pacquiao frustrated in a caretaker welterweight designation play in 2010. But Pacquiao said Margarito was too big and that is why he never fought again at 154. And it sounds similar his days at welterweight may be numbered, also.

Margarito, that advertize was a misapprehension [to contend at that coefficient],” Pacquiao said. “That’s why you never saw me in that assemblage again. I’ve stayed at welterweight because there mortal been a lot of fights here for me, but it’s definitely no problem at 140 or still at 135. If there is a big try there, let’s do it. It’s smooth.

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