It’s the time we know all been ready for, the unveiling of the Lillehammer 2016 mascot. Say a big hullo to Sjogg!
This elevation lynx is named after the principal foodstuff needful in the Season Youngness Athletics Games: betray! In the Lillehammer region, Sjogg is the local statement for the cool, colourless, fluffy choke.LILLEHAMMER 2016As a insane cat, Sjogg doesn’t seem to be a shy puppet as he made his front attendance elastic on Norwegian human TV during the FIS Germanic Skiing Domain Cup in Lillehammer this weekend.

Sjogg is immature, sporty and mocking. Usually shy creatures, this mountain catamount is very mixer and enjoys defrayment time with friends, and making new ones.

We’re pretty trustworthy that Sjogg instrument be the one who guardianship out the most hugs during the Games, but we cannot support that the mascot won’t play any pranks. We bang to anticipate as much, says Magne Vikøren, Membrane of Study and Marketing for Lillehammer 2016.
The Period Olympic Games wildcat mascot was the finish of an planetary design rivalry. It was created by 18-year-old Origin Ansethmoen from Lillehammer.

I conceive it looks really nice, is the content Credit sent when she saw the ultimate variant of her mascot suasion.

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