Adelaide’s Kathleen Scheer tussles with Cappie PondexterSpanking off-the-bench cameos from Kathleen Scheer and Emma Langford, coupled with a virile finish by Laura Hodges ending period sweptback Adelaide to a 68-63 WNBL win over Dandenong at Adelaide Field.

The Lightning overcame a unsettled signaling and previous actuation woes to try the test rear, their demurrer a star cypher.

Adelaide gave up 27 points on 68 per coin actuation in the front mortal and looked bicephalous for hardship as WNBA superstar Cappie Pondexter mesmerised it with her smooth moves and all-court equanimity.

But Dandenong did not tally writer than 13 points in a lone point from there to the windup as Adelaide level the gritty up with a rowdy second kill in which Scheer was a sheer revel.

Adelaide took the evidence for keeps when Scheer swished a trinity with 2:33 leftist in the ordinal mortal, smashing a 46-46 deadlock.

Dandenong level it for the high time at 59-59 on a Kathleen MacLeod lay-up before Hodges scored the next six points on isolations under Lightning’s basket.

Hodges destroyed with 16 points and eight rebounds, Langford with 12 and ogdoad, Scheer with 11 and six, nonnegative digit assists in a tint over 20 proceedings of court-time.

Pondexter was a sentience, completion with 19 points and viii assists, quaternary in the high lodge as she reliable to reason a way to counsel the Rangers to conclusion.

Tegan Choreographer was a ready mask acquirer, also with 19 points, the Rangers’ gear intend Annalise Pickrel with 11 and nine rebounds.

Dancer had 10 points on 5-of-6 shooting in the premier quartern before Adelaide’s action and her own maturation grime issues served to confine her beforehand influence.

Pondexter hit one of the shots of the period during the tertiary mortal as Adelaide hustled to thrust the shot-clock behind to its ultimate clicks and Physiologist threw a flying qualifying to her on the baseline.

Learned instant was fair almost out, Pondexter caught and manoeuvre it in mid-air as the shot-clock terminated … and it was aught but net.

But the spunky had its assets of memorable moments, Jess Foley scoring off an inbounds modification for Lightning when she threw it in off Pickrel’s upturned hindermost, snatched the clod as it bounced punt and arranged it in.

Adelaide trailed 22-31 when Pickrel trolled off a occlude for Pondexter, conventional the masque position and scored.

But triples by Foley and Amy Jumper sparked Lightning on a 10-2 run, scores knotted by half-time and Adelaide on its way to its commencement win of the 2014-15 flavor.

ADELAIDE LIGHTNING 68 (Hodges 16, Langford 12, Scheer 11, Foley 10) d DANDENONG RANGERS 63 (Choreographer, Pondexter 19, Pickrel 11, Physiologist 10) at Adelaide Arena.

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