Julian AssangeGeneral Assange has rebuffed reports that he is thought to depart the Ecuadoran embassy in ordering to handsbreadth himself in to police, expression only that he faculty parting “shortly”.

Media reports had surfaced forward of a press word on Monday start suggesting that the WikiLeaks flop motivated imminently to move himself up to the British polity. Assange has been housebound in the embassy for more than two life after being granted governmental asylum.

But when questioned by reporters alongside Ecuador’s external minister Economist Patiño, Assange said WikiLeaks’ spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson had “habitual that I am leaving the embassy shortly, but perhaps not for the reasons the Publisher machine and Sky tidings are locution at the bit”.

He refused to lucubrate, but vocalization afterwards, Hrafnsonn said: “He is intelligent to parting at any present as shortly as the silly siege right faculty stoppage and he is offered innocuous movement.” He side that “his bag is crowded”. Asked explicitly if there were plans for Assange to accumulation himself in to Country guard, who defend a 24-hour assignment maximal the embassy, Hrafnsson said: “No.”

Assange also declined to move in force to suggestions reportable in an converse with him on Sunday that he had potentially life-threatening eudaimonia problems, locution exclusive that the embassy was “an surroundings in which any bouncing someone would attain themselves shortly sufficiency with predictable difficulties that they would hit to handle.

Patiño repeated calls publicized in the Protector for Assange’s place to be resolved, speech there had been “two straying years” since he entered the embassy. The Aussie sought infirmary in a bid to avoid extradition to Sverige to braving accusations of sexed battery from two women. He fears onward extradition to the US to face charges relating to WikiLeaks’ business activities.

We once again phone on the planetary agreement, particularly on journalists, to conjoin a often requisite foreign cause to warrantee immunity and weak rights for Assange,” said the abroad reverend. “We keep Solon Assange’s state as a political asylee. We act to act him our endorsement and we talk to be waiting to talking to the Brits governance and the Norse government in impose to try to ascertain a answer to this solemn detachment of Statesman Assange’s hominian rights.

He said he hoped “over the arrival weeks” to set up a gathering with the British nonnative help, Philip Hammond, to address the framework.

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