It is true that if you want to build and come up with a sustainable kind of economy then it is not at all a piece of cake. Here, we will let you know some of the critical steps that will allow to become an economically stronger nation. If you really want to move beyond the level of growth then it is important for you to look and search for new financial of the models. You have to seek some new and latest ownership structures. You should find out the ways so that you can well measure the impact level of yours! It is a fact that it is this Economic growth which all of the whale politicians and also economists, all of these business leaders are chasing since years and years.How We Become Strong Economically?

Ways to become strong Economically:

We need to have some big changes in our economic system:

It is the need of the time that if we want to have be economically strong then we need to introduce the Big changes in our economic system. We should put on limits on our resource use. We should try our level best to ensure and make sure this environment sustain.

We have to make a shift right towards new and latest business models

There has to be an income equality so that improvement can be made in the societal health. It is the dire need to make a drastic shift right toward new and current business models. Because of this step, shared value will be generated. For the information, this concept of Shared value just goes beyond this conventional notion of being “corporate social responsible”. It should be the duty of each and every business line to develop a sense of purpose. These business lines should try to enhance and convince their communities. They should try to conserve their ecological systems.

Make some changes in your ownership structures

This critical change of making changes in the ownership structures, it is also one of the important ones. We need to create and build few of the co-operatives and also public interest companies. We need to have the emergence of purpose-driven kind of organisations and they should be operated under democratic control. The nation should away from the profit-driven organisations because such kind of companies comes under the autocratic control.

We need to introduce new and up to date indicators of progress

The introduction of indicators and signs of progress is the need of the time! It is seen that the indicators of this financial value like that of FTSE and also Dow Jones Industrial Average, they are rising. On the other hand, the indicators of social and too environmental health, they are falling. We are in need of New indicators so that they can guide us in making our business decisions. If we will opt these Accepted standards then it will give better and correct guidance to all of our investors.

This is how we become strong Economically!

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