If you are looking for the main tips as to how to increase and enhance your AdWords Keyword Quality Score then you we can tell you some of the ways! If you are one of those individuals who are running these AdWords campaigns, they should know that Google assigns and gives them a Quality Score to each of their keyword. It is this score that can put up a dramatic and drastic effect right on your campaign performances. This score can too give you a competitive edge on your competitors. You can get a high score from Google if you will be able to give a positive experience to all of yours searchers. Yes, Google will for sure reward you. Below are some of the tips and ways for increasing and enhancing your Quality Score.

You should Structure your campaigns right into smaller and targeted kind of ad groups

You should try to structure your campaigns right into targeted sort of ad groups. You have to try to keep on elevating and evading the relevancy that exist between your search query and also the ad. Try to set up your campaigns by inserting many ad groups. Go for the specific ad groups. Opt for the related keywords.

Optimization of your keyword ad copy

You have to Choose and select that ad copy which should be closely tailored and linked to your keywords. In this way, you will see an increase in the  relevance of your keywords. This tip will also increase and mount your Quality Score. Do not forget that you have to get all of your keywords right into your ad copy.

Do the targeting of your landing pages

The designing of your landing pages should be done in such a way and manner that they contain content while using your targeted keywords. You do not have to design each of a landing page for each of your ad group. If you will design a highly relevant kind of landing page then you will also get increased conversions.

You should know about the quality score factors

You should have an understanding of each of the scoring factors. In this way, you will be able to  track all of the stages of your campaign. You will yourself make sure that you have covered all  bases of your campaign.

The load time of your landing page should be minimum

It is true that the loading time of your landing time, it has now become one of the important considerations while calculating your Quality Score. You have to keep on checking the load times on all of your landing pages. If you see some extended loading time then you should look for way to make that loading time minimum one. It might be because of Meta refreshes and Slow redirects, because of Multiple redirects and interstitial pages that you get to see longer loading time.

We are sure that these tips will help you a lot in streamlining your campaigns and will also increase and make your Quality Score a better one.

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