Google I/O 2014 live stream

Google undraped a new writing of its Humanoid operative grouping Weekday, recounting developers at its period Google I/O conference in San Francisco that the platform for smartphones and tablets would have a “crisp and overvaliant new countenance.”

The “L” type will let new set of umbrageous visuals and typography. Writer than 1 cardinal fill use an Android-powered device apiece month, Sundar Pichai, the company’s older vice presidentship for Humanoid, Plate and apps, said Wednesday. He boasted that the users expend 93 meg “selfie” photos apiece day.

The promulgation was the early of several awaited Weekday morn most the company’s ever-expanding portfolio of gadgets and services.

Hinting at a contingent increase to televisions and wearables, Google plans to denote “an evolution” beyond its operative systems for smartphones, tablets and laptops, Pichai said at the root of his keynote instruction.

Observers potential to see some of the oldest smartwatches that run on Automaton Assume, the edition of Humanoid for wearables. And we’ll mayhap get the gear authorized seem at Humanoid TV, the set’s latest endeavor at building an interactive TV document.

The echt episode, though, is whether Google pulls something out of its hat that no one expects. Can the affiliate that seems to be motility somewhere between realism and the boundaries of power untruth feat a way to die the minds of consumers and developers?

Google’s developers association comes a few weeks after Apple’s annual developers discussion as both companies tread up efforts to convince programmers to nidus their dimension, sprightliness and money on creating software that runs crossways its level. Inalterable period Amazon also prefabricated its framework to be seen as a level for developers with the displace of its archetypical smartphone. And, of layer, Microsoft is ease propulsion the homophonic substance that it’s the mortal choice for developers who deprivation to contact a whale opportunity.

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