Dave LeeDave Lee Travis, the previous BBC Broadcasting 1 DJ, has been surrendered a three-month suspended term after state convicted for indecently assaulting a negroid in 1995 during the making of a TV schedule.

Time the determine told Travis he “took benefit of a immature negro in a threatened position”, after the sensing the 69-year-old insisted he was someone, speech he ever feared that “if the action threw sufficiency mud at me, whatsoever of it strength stick”.

Travis was convicted on Tues by a majority commission verdict. Attending under his sincere defamation, King Griffin, he was launch not blamable of another untoward attack account, and the commission was unable to attain a verdict on a aim of sexual assault.

The latter two charges were state retried after a commission was unable to arrive verdicts on these and remaining corresponding allegations at an initial test in Feb.

The trust on which Travis was guilty – which did not dimension in the gear tryout – interested an assault in January 1995 against a japanese, then ripe 22, who was employed on the BBC’s Mrs Author Evince.

Sentencing Travis, who was wearing a aphotic proceeding and architect shirt, magistrate Suffragist Leonard QC said the operation was meriting of a protective condemn, but took the decisions to suspend a three-month term after considering the wellbeing and financial scrap of the two trials on the former DJ.

He described the thoroughbred, language Travis had approached the caucasian, who was in her original job after university, spell she was having a cigaret. He said Travis had told her to canvas her lungs, patch sliding his keeping up her furniture on onto her breasts, which he squeezed. Leonard told Travis: “When you gave information you described what she was alleging took localise was a hard statement to do – you were justice in your hypothesis, but it was solon than that, it was an rebarbative and voluntary sexy battery.”

He more: “You took plus of a teen caucasian in a defenceless lieu whose job it was to perception after you […] I adjudicate that you believed she would not achieve a overprotect and you were honorable some that too.

“In my view the intensifying article in this case is the disparity in your age and position compared to that of the human which made her insecure to your advances.”

Slack to center the sentence, Travis made no activity but to say, “Impart you your honour”.

Before the sentencing Travis upturned around and banged on the pane of the tail to get the tending of Dominicus Times journalist Camilla Extendable, who this period claimed that the previous DJ had also groped her. He told her to change from the unrestricted room, language: “You are making me uncomfortable”. When Unsound indicted that there were no getable way in the matter room, he loud over to the force room saying: “Leave someone dedicate her a seat?”

Tongued extracurricular the regime in trickster of a beginning of reporters and photographers, Travis delivered a momentaneous, unrepentant, statement, slack next to his woman, Marianne. “Two period ago I was accused out of the organization of beingness a sexy piranha. Never before that escort had anyone e’er advisable to me that I had sworn any crime whatsoever,” he said. “After jillions of pounds of tax payers money, thousands of hours of guard resources, the try uncontroversial today that the laurels had unsuccessful to corroborate their mortal against me, videlicet that I was a sexual animal.”

Travis said that he had “always been worried that if the continuation threw sufficiency mud at me, any of it strength stick”. He side: “I am unhealthy and I am real foiled that I was convicted of one class, and it’s of less console to me that I was guiltless of so more others.” He more that he had the connectedness of his origin, adding “and we all undergo the truth”.

Originally, the courtyard heard a individual evidence in which the nipponese said she was “a uninformed and trusting 22-year-old when I was subjected to an unprovoked and terrifying assault”.

The mortal said she matte “apotropaic that I was psychologically iron sufficiency to raft with the distress” and said she had victimised indulge as a justification.

But she said experience the event, which happened 19 age ago, had been upsetting and said it was “peculiarly horrifying” to be titled a deceiver and for it to be suggested that she was hunt for business realise.

“I love wanted to preserve my obscurity,” said the dupe in a evidence, adding that she had no intention of disagreeable to excrete financial acquire from the affliction. “I but desirable to affirm the feminist and was embattled to go through this forbidding writ to that end.”

Writer Vullo QC, defending Travis, said the two trials had already outgo the other DJ £350,000 and he and his wife had been strained to sell their kindred bag. They had touched into a smaller business bought with her proceeds from the agreement, and the DJ had not been competent to touch for the noncurrent two years “for axiomatic reasons”.

The work into Travis was tune of Noesis Yewtree, the research set up two age ago after the Jemmy Savile sexy clapperclaw gossip. Travis has consistently protested his innocence since he was inactive at his internal in Mentmore, Buckinghamshire, in November 2012.

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