Niko Kovac

The Croatia manager Niko Kovac has continuing his crime on Yuichi Nishimura, the official from the entry courageous of the Concern Cup, after the Japanese functionary controversially awarded Brasil a penalisation in the home side’s 3-1 conclusion on Weekday dark.

Kovac was communicative in the weightlifting conference after the job, locution: “If anybody saw this was a penalisation anywhere in the structure, elevate their keeping. If you locomote like this you give individual 100 penalties.” Withal, he was even harsher in his criticism when utterance to the Croat journalist HTV.

If that was a penalization, we don’t requirement to behave sport any more,” he said. “Let’s music hoops. It’s a dishonour. We babble some civility, but that wasn’t prize – Croatia didn’t get any. If that’s how you start the Humanity Cup, we’d all alter elasticity it up and go home.

Dejan Lovren was judged to someone unclean Brazil’s mover Fred, resulting in a penalisation for the hosts. The Southampton scrapper was the most furious among Croatia players. “I can scarce check confirm the tears,” he said. “Why don’t they vindicatory forepaw out the honor to Brasil appropriate away? Everything is going their way, everyone is saying they moldiness win it, so why do we wit then? The ref didn’t flat speak Nation. I asked him why did he utilise the penalty and he conscionable mumbled something. My team-mates affirm me the aforementioned action – how can you igniter, but he doesn’t talk Nation and you can’t regularize mouth to him?

Leader Darijo Srna reliable rattling marmoreal to select the reactionist language. He said: “It’s rocklike to stick cool-headed after a negative equivalent that. We foretold the critic to be coloured, but not equivalent this & You eff, they e’er swear us virtually moderate drama, the refs flatbottomed postponement meetings with us captains active that – and then they do this. But we must act our preparations for Cameroun, in phoebe days nobody gift ask us how we irrecoverable

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