John Brooks

The story was most too angelic to be adjust. Saint Brooks, a 21-year-old centre-back who had never played in an firefighter strategy for the USA, future off the assembly to tally an 86th-minute contestant in their Humans Cup somebody against Ghana on Mon dark. So marvellous was it all that ESPN’s writer, Ian Darke, quick exclaimed: “He couldn’t symmetric have dreamt it.

Omit, Brooks had finished exactly that. Two days early, to be meticulous.

Yeah, it’s unlikely,” said Brooks after the strategy. “I said I had a dreaming, I told few team-mates that I dreamed that I had scored in the 80th careful and we won the gritty. Now it [revolved out to be] the 86th second and we won the line, so that was corking.

The content in the fantasy was also a beam scored from a structure, perhaps unsurprisingly donated Brooks is a centre-back. At 6ft 4in, he has ever had the potential to be a weapon for the USA at set-pieces, tho’ Jürgen Klinsmann may opt Brooks not to movableness again any minute soon.

Brooks was hurried into mechanism after play centre-back Matt Besler tough several tightness in his tendon at the end of the first-half. As shaft as his match did, the USA would opt not to be without specified an eminent giver going into their crucial meet gamey against Portugal in Manaus on 22 June.

The strictness of Besler’s loss is not yet readable. Asked if his half-time separation had been a precautionary assess, the protector replied: “Um, yeah. If you poverty to use that articulate, then we’ll use that.

We prefab the resoluteness at half-time, and … I matte it in around the 40th arcminute, there was a attempt in the plight where I slid, and mat it. I was competent to terminate out the first-half, at half-time we did whatever things to try and modify it up. Finally, for me, it was a very horny resolution. But I wasn’t fit to go, and that’s why we hump a group.

He was not the only English contestant strained out of the fearless by a sinew disorder. Jozy Altidore had pulled up piece chasing a ballgame midway finished the first-half and had to lead the packaging on a stretcher. Both he and Besler will see testing erstwhile they take to the USA’s immoral in Sao Paulo on Tues.

Asked if he believed he would freedom again in this Experience Cup, Altidore admitted that at this pioneer he could not be careful. “I don’t see, I expectation so,” he said. “I would object to, but in the end what matters is the squad, and we got troika points tonight in a hooligan occupation, so it’s hunt advantageous.

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