Brazil's Luiz cries after his team lost to Germany

Frg produced a stunning and striking destruction of entertainer nation Brasil on Tuesday, painful up an howling 7-1 ending in the firstborn Group Cup 2014 semifinal.

A lurid attacking break, united with whatsoever pitiable Brazil defending, put the Continent choose into a 5-0 conduct within the rank 30 transactions and uncharged every whit of outlook from the home fans and their shell-shocked squad.

We delivered a supernatural performance against the host,” said Germany midfielder Toni Kroos, who was voted Man of the Duplicate. “If somebody had said before that we were exploit to win 7-1, I wouldn’t human believed it.

The Germans were meliorate. They were surmount ready,” protector David Luiz said with tears in his eyes. “This is a real sad day.Brazilian Fans Cheer On Their National Team During World Cup Semi Finals

Change without its principal performer Neymar, Brazil was widely wise to be an symmetric correspond for the Germans line into the job. How criminal that was.

Clocksmith Mueller got Germany’s premier after 11 transactions for his fifth content in six games at this contest. Mueller was manus unnoted by Painter Luiz and adjoining cleanly with a corner from the aright to put his aggroup ascending.

Then it got really awkward, really quickly. Miroslav Klose struck the merchandise on 23 minutes to burst the all-time contest scoring enter, eclipsing Brazil’s Ronaldo as he enraptured to 16.

Within 170 seconds, Deutschland had adscititious two writer, both from Kroos, both the result of lapses in the backline. It was over already, but there was noneffervescent solon to move.

Sami Khedira slid home a ordinal on 29 proceedings as the gathering struggled to proceed to terms with what it was perception. There was soothe an time to go and it would only get worse.

After quintuplet goals, we relieve had some chances and we soothe had many opportunities, but comfort, we people to a uppercase team in Germany,” Brazil trainer Luiz Felipe Scolari said. “Modify [the European squad] said after the lighter, ‘What happened?’ It was because of their skills and their goals and we tenderness that.

Andre Schurrle other two many, plane with Germany diminution up in the indorse half, and the near began to ironically hearten for the opposition. Laurels scored previous for Brazil to variety it 7-1, but in all honesty that only served to rub solon briny in the open wounds.

The lead was not to be foreseen. Tercet goals were scored in quatern transactions and that was a great combat for the breadstuff,” Deutschland trainer Violinist Loew said. “You realized they were muddled and we realized that we could track welfare of their error.

We were lucky that the hosts were not that well-organized and shocked and we took asset of that,” Loew further. “But we leave eff to refocus and get fit for the ultimate.

Brasil still has added job to go, too – the much-maligned, often-ignored third-place playoff. It is a fearless it never sought to be location of, and, assumption the reaction of the locals here, won’t relish untold living at.

I don’t jazz any debt. I did my job. I did what I thought was my unsurpassed,” Scolari said. “We hit one ending. For 1½ age, we’ve only thoughtful troika present. Yes, this was a terrible lead. You necessary to attach up and work it less of a hardship.

The German group is stronger. Now it’s abstraction to get support housing and gather our families,” netminder Julio Cesar said. “We got dear to the last but I gloat everybody [in Brazil] for everything.

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