Golf Essentials for Sunny Days

There’s nothing better than a round of well-played golf on a warm summer’s day, but as all British players know, those days can be elusive. 2016 has already seen hot days in spring and chilly days in summer so what does autumn and winter have in store?

There’s just no way of telling. There could be a heatwave in September, blinding sun throughout November or nothing but heavy showers, icy winds and grey skies until spring – it’s almost enough to put you off going to the course!

However, with the right golfwear, accessories and attitude it’s possible to play your best golf on sunny days in any season, all you need are these five essential items of golfwear:


Quality play relies on being able to clearly see course markers and hazards and judge distances accurately, but on bright and sunny days, particularly in winter when the sun is low on the horizon, your sight can easily be impaired by its brightness or surface glare.

Golf sunglasses offer a simple solution. Apart from helping you see to clearly and improve your play, they will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, prevent eyestrain and headaches from developing and stop dust or sand getting into your eyes on windy days.


Even if you tee off in warm and sunny conditions, there’s no guarantee that the pleasing weather will last the duration of your round and for that reason, a quality jacket is essential.

When the seasonal weather is changeable, your outerwear should be lightweight, waterproof, windproof and easy to squash into your bags so that it’s easy to wear as and when needed and for that, Sunderland of Scotland golf jackets are ideal.

Made from advanced, high-performance fabrics, they come with a range of features including adjustable hems and cuffs for a personalised fit, secured pockets, full or half-zip fastenings and upright collars which combine to give you unrivalled practicality and comfort come rain or shine.


A good hat will improve visibility on the course and help protect you from sunburn and heatstroke. Look for those with a peak or wide-brim and adjustable chin straps for a secure and comfortable fit.


A pair of lightweight, waterproof trousers that are both functional and comfortable for use in warm yet potential wet weather are essential.

There are, of course, a wide range of stylish, high-performance trousers available from leading brands like Callaway and Galvin Green, however, Sunderland of Scotland are once again the brand to watch.

This leading golf apparel supplier is so confident in the superior, lasting comfort and performance of its rainwear products that the Spring/Summer 2017 collection, which is due to hit retailers soon, are set to come with a Lifetime Waterproof Guarantee.


Your footwear is perhaps the most important item of golfwear you will ever own. Giving you stability, traction, flexible movement and all-round foot dryness and comfort, they are absolutely essential.

However, there are no simple recommendations about the type of golf shoe you should invest in; every player has individual needs. The good news is that there’s an increasing variety of footwear available so every golfer can find the perfect footwear for them.

Explore the spiked and spikeless options available from reputable, established golf shoe suppliers like Nike, Footjoy and Puma and look for those which have breathable and waterproof properties to keep you cool and dry on warm and rainy days.

These are the essential items you’ll need to play on sunny days in any season but there are of course a wide range of accessories you could add to improve your comfort on the course.

Whether you need polo-shirts, knitwear, umbrellas, gloves or anything else, you can find all the possible golf apparel and accessories you could ever need, online from Function 18.

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