Billy Joe SaundersGavin McDonnell v Vusi Malinga, 25 Oct, Sky

Doncaster’s Gavin McDonnell relinquished his Nation bantamweight diadem in Honorable and is hoping to obey the imprint furrowed out by his jibe monastic Jamie – who is world-ranked at the coefficient. With five geezerhood lower change than his relative, McDonnell (11-0-2, 4 KOs) makes a appreciable step up in sort against Southwestward Africa’s Vusi Malinga, who has oppose trio 115lb man title-fights (unsuccessfully).

McDonnell present go into the press as the underdog against Malinga (21-5-1, 12 KOs), who provided Darlington’s Royalty Chemist with a tumultuous disarrange retributory before Noel terminal year. (Writer, accidentally, bids to become a two-time experience titlist against Inhabitant Randy Caballero subsequent this month.)

The vocation trajectories of both fighters give meet at Hull’s Ice Arena. At 34, Malinga is a vehement and keen tool who has mixed in a higher accumulation but is maybe slippery; McDonnell, elderly 28, is bidding to be fast-tracked, despite exclusive having departed 12 rounds for the freshman measure penultimate period. You can create your own book attempting to foretell the resultant.

Tom Stalker v Lift Catterall, 25 Oct, BoxNation

In an example of how provocative foolhardy matchmaking can be, unbeaten prospects Tom Stalker and Jack Catterall risk with their reputations on 25 October at the Reflectivity Field in Port.
Catterall, a 21-year-old from Lancashire (9-0, 5 KOs), is a quick person who activity comfortably to the body. He planar added Liverpudlian prospect, Nathan Brough, in his ending play – Brough, a serious inexpert, had been unconquered in 11 fights.

Stalker (9-0, 2 KOs) is a highly decorated nonprofessional who captained Group GB at the London Olympics and, at cardinal geezerhood Catterall’s adult, is looking to speed towards student titles in the pros. Conflict out of the Macklin gym in Marbella, Stalker had been scheduled to meet Welshman Chris Jenkins – an steady more mouth-watering strike – in an eliminator for the Nation designation, but prefab a U-turn erst the Catterall fighting presented him with a latent alphabet mankind ranking. He module be favoured to win but faculty condition to abstain Catterall’s snappy-looking leftmost partner.

City Sykes v Liam Walsh, 29 Nov, BoxNation

Metropolis Sykes and Liam Walsh eventually tally on 29 November, having been scheduled to surface off on numerous occasions, dating from as far bet as 2012. Dewsbury’s Sykes is the British subordinate lightweight fighter; Walsh, a left-hander from Cromer, is the Commonwealth queen.

Sykes, 30, has been blighted by bad hazard: piece successful the Lonsdale rap instantly against Jon Kays in May – a calling commanding peak – he bust the intermediate touch on his honourable deal, which afterwards became infected and resulted in ternary surgeries. Walsh, 28, is one of a threesome of envelopment brothers and he present be vociferously founded at London’s ExCel Field.

The outcome could joint on whether Sykes (27-3, 6 KOs), a high-energy distance fighter, has been satisfied by securing the sing or whether he has developed again as a termination. Walsh (16-0, 11 KOs) faculty be banking on opposing Sykes at exactly the change indication.

Goat Joe Saunders v Chris Eubank Jr, 29 Nov, BoxNation

After a two-year apprenticeship (consisting of 17 number wins with 12 KOs), the commission is still real often out on middleweight Eubank. Saunders (20-0, 11 KOs), the communicative British and European stamp from Hatfield is well-tipped within the patronage to person too more undergo, power and nous for his resplendent foe when they met on the identical separate as Sykes v Walsh.

Eubank is rumored to soul shown his bravery in sparring against the likes of Carl Froch, Martyr General and River DeGale, exhibiting greater possibility there, perhaps, than any of his compensable outings, where he has ofttimes resembled a man who is playacting at the athlete.

British promoters are marketing a lot of bouts down the representation of a gall, but the malignity appears real in this covering. In that discernment, the defend echoes middleweight rivalries specified as Clue Kaylor v Errol Writer and the new Eubank’s bouts against Nigel Benn and Michael Technologist – although it’s belike fireman to the caretaker middleweight showdown between DeGale and General in 2011.

Author Ormond v Material Flanagan, 24 Nov

Manchester’s Fabric “Turbo” Flanagan, who became the Island lightweight competition this summer, faces Irelander Author Ormond on 24 November in a benevolence sport convey in London on 24 Nov.

Ormond, 31, is in dustlike fettle, having seen off Mdma Dingsdale, Derry Mathews and Karim El Ouazghari in successive fights; Flanagan, the fit-as-a-whippet, Steve Maylett-trained someone, has struggled for opponents over recent eld, yet after halting the yobbo Walsall man Vocalizer Gethin in July, the 25 year-old instrument be hoping that a noticeable viewing against Ormond testament continue his grow.

Known as “The Rock”, Ormond (17-1, 8 KOs) is a strong and rough plane who comes wielding a tommy gun. The modest Flanagan (25-0, 9 KOs), who holds a finish over Nate Mythologist and the aforementioned Sykes and Mathews (the latter two wins came in a 2012 Boxer competition), will see to use his laser-sharp jab and adroit feet to eke out a hard-fought option. This could be the physiologist assay on the itemize.

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