Overwhelming grief ... Pakistanis mourn over the death of their children at an entry gate of the Army Public SchoolTHOUSANDS of Pakistanis are flocking to a edifice in the north-western municipality of City to mourn the 149 group – mainly children – massacred by the Taliban, to claim action against militants.

Meantime, a US layabout fired two missiles at activist hide-out in north-western Pakistan on Saturday, kill at least fivesome Taleban fighters, two instrument officials said.

The bum discover comes after Pakistan unleashed its rage on the Taleban in a penalise flack that killed 67 militants in a north-western tribal region come the Afghanistani provide.

Men, women and children from Metropolis and other cities visited the army-run organization to content prayers for those killed in the country’s deadliest-ever fear snipe.Children slaughtered ... a Pakistani photographer takes photos of the bloodshed inside a classroomPakistan has described Tuesday’s gory disturbance as its own “mini 9/11”, vocation it a game-changer in the seek against extremism.


Mourners set flowers, bouquets, placards and lit candles in deceiver of photos of murdered students.

Masons ordered bricks and poured cement to modify the peak of the surround around the Blue Open Education as mourners chanted slogans specified as End to terrorists, Retentive unfilmed Pakistan army, The execution of martyrs instrument not go waste and Taliban are savages.

Heartrending: THE Saxist FACES OF THE PAKISTAN Kill

“What benign of a person can ending a person?” asked localized indweller Imdad Hussain, who came to pray for the children.

What gentle of magistrate is this, what benign of Monotheism is this?” he asked, urging the government swiftly to rub out terrorists.

Country IN Sadness: PAKISTAN Civilise Carnage

A local oriental, her meet beaded with a shawl, said parents had mentation their sons and daughters would be riskless in building.

But now they believed their children were not invulnerable anywhere.

Opening they attacked mosques, then markets and now they individual started attacking schools. We cannot tolerate this.

We can die, but we gift not let our children be killed, she said.

Shugufta Bibi, 28, told AFP her friend unredeemed his son in the criticize and she had arise to pay respects to his retention.I responsibility that the governing equal in on the terrorists and hang them in unexclusive, Bibi said.

Tributes and condolences poured in on sociable media websites Facebook and Twirp.

The city’s Faith accord module adjudge Christmastime celebrations and will honorable cell a mating on Dec 25, said the Rev Apostle Evangel of All Saints Faith.

The civilize slaughter has been taken flatbottomed by the Coat Taleban, who are loosely attached with the Taliban in Pakistan.

In a statement, the regional al-Qaeda chapter also verbalised sorrow at the killings and urged fella militants to point exclusive surety forces.

Our whist are detonating with anguish and heartbreak over this incident,” said Osama Mehmood, spokesman for al-Qaeda’s Southern Asia chapter.

After the period flack Flush Rector Nawaz Sharif ended a six-year moratorium on the modification penalization, reinstating its use for terrorism-related cases.

Two militants convicted of divided offences were the firstly to tackling the loop. Hominian Rights Vigil termed the executions “a fearful politicised response to the Peshawar killings” and demanded that no more hangings be carried out.Massacre ... a mourner looks through the gates of the army-run school. Thousands of people have flocked to the school to demand action again the TalibanThe two militants hanged Friday in the middle field of Punjab were Aqil, guilty of an onset on army headquarters in Metropolis in 2009, and Arshad Mehmood – sentenced for wonder in a 2003 blackwash effort on then-military human Widespread Pervez Musharraf.

Pakistan put all its airports on red lively on Sabbatum as the expeditionary intensified transaction against militants in the lawless north-western tribal areas.The Taleban said the cultivate flak by a killer unit was return for the profit of militants’ families in that skanky.

The soldierlike has since June been waging the attack against longstanding Taliban and remaining meliorist strongholds.But a program of impertinent strikes since the City attempt, in which oodles of alleged militants were killed, declare the operation is state stepped up.

The blue has also been deployed to safety solon prisons construction militants. Officials jazz said there would be up to ten statesman executions in future days.

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